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Bad Start For Crypto This December?

Well, it looks like a rather bad start for the crypto markets as seen by the recent dip in prices of most cryptocurrencies. So will this December buck the trend for cryptocurrencies? Traditionally, it seems that December will usually be a good time for cryptocurrencies. I was also expecting December to have a decent rally, hence I was pumping some money into a few select crypto assets just a few days ago. But alas, looks like it is not going my way. Of course it is very early in the month and we still have like 26 more days to go before 2022. Crypto markets are extremely volatile and we could indeed see a rally in the coming weeks. It can be very hard to tell sometimes.

So do you guys expect to see a rally in the Crypto markets soon? If so, how big a rally will it be? Are there just too many black swan announcements to dampen the market sentiments? I just don’t know. This time round, it does look rather uncertain. Even the recent market analysis by Coin Bureau shows conflicting results, even if they feel that we are still in a bull market right now. The market was all red yesterday. Even the market favourite LUNA had dipped quite a lot yesterday. Yes I know that there is no such thing as certainty in the crypto sphere but this time round, it does feel a bit different. Perhaps this year will be the year that the markets didn’t really rally that much. Note that I am not saying that the market will dip significantly for December, but I have a feeling it will not rally. More than likely, we will see a mix of bull and bear resulting in the market trading sideways. And the traditional stock markets seems to be dampen as well. So it does look like investors do not have that much confidence overall. And it will spill over to the crypto markets.

Anyway enough of the bad news. If things are trading sideways, it might be a good idea to look for alternatives. One of the alternatives could be using trading bots which leverages on arbitrage. Basically these bots will divide the funds and buy and sell at different levels. For me, I usually split my funds into different trading bots funding different crypto assets. So in theory such trading bots will make you a little money for each trade. But of course in reality, it is just not that simple. So please be careful. My own trading bots (set to whatever default settings the bot gives) is still making me losses at times.

Thank you for reading my post. I need to tell you that I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

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Bear Market Yet Again? Me excited?

You might start to realize that I am pretty active and excited whenever there is a bear market. Most of my peers would get themselves extremely hyped when the market is bull but for me, it seems that when I see lots of red candles, I start looking for stuff to buy. Maybe it is the consumer in me. Maybe because I am somewhat of a cheapo and I love bargains. I just find bargains always so irresistible. Of course in the crypto market, there is no way to know for sure when the actual low is. So sometimes I am left with wondering whether I made the correct decision to buy the “dip”.

But this time round, is it really a bear market? Yes, Bitcoin did drop back to 56k today. Or just a general correction which if you ask me, is pretty normal and healthy. Lots of those so called experts are saying that November and December will be a bull market and everything will be going up and up. However I tend to agree that the market is still in a bull trend. Cycles are pretty common in most markets and Crypto is no exception. In fact I think crypto markets are the ones that will often have wild swings. So I am in agreement that this is NOT a bear market. Probably will start uptrend in a few days time. And it is also coming to December, usually a very bullish month for Cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, there isn’t that much FUD coming out this few weeks. And even in a bull market, the value of assets will not always keep on rising, so you should expect some drawbacks at times. Investors will surely want to take out some profits.

However if you ask me, I think most small time investors should always buy or invest for the long term. We will never be able to time the market by trading. So instead we should invest for the long term. Go buy an asset you think has great potential and hold on it until it raises. For me, it is ADA. For some, it is Bitcoin or Ethereum. For some, it is some dog meme coin. Yes of course, if you think that meme coins have great long term potential, by all means invest and hold onto those coins and maybe in a years time, it should again be something like SHIBA INU.

So what are you thoughts on the recent price drawback? Do you think that it is the beginning of a bear market? And what would you do if the bear market really comes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I am not a financial advisor. Please always do your own research. Take care!

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Star Network Updates – KYC, Libra & Unlocking Balance. 900k Users!

Some great news for users of Star Network. They have implemented the Libra tokens to their platform. This means the users (or explorers) can draw Libra and if they are successful, they can start doing KYC and unlocking their Star tokens balance. And the cool thing about this is that they did it on time without that much hiccup. This surely gives me some more confidence on the project.

So if you don’t know what the hell is Star Network, let me give you a brief overview of this project. It is a Defi project where members can trade and swap tokens, stake their tokens for rewards and do borrowing on their assets on the platform. The native token is the Star Token. You can also mine for their Star Token on their app, which functions as an social network app as well. So you come on daily to “mine” or mint for rewards which can be converted to the Star Token. However you will need to complete KYC as per usual nowadays in order to withdraw the Star Tokens. There is a catch here though. In order for you to complete KYC, you will need the Libra token. And this Libra token can only be drawn from a lucky draw system – it is random but if you hold more Star Tokens in your app, you will have a higher chance of drawing it. Honestly I don’t know. I certainly understand why they implement this but on the other hand, I think the randomness is a major issue. We could potentially see someone who don’t contribute much to their network drawing the Libra token a number of times, while someone with a bigger balance not drawing any and getting frustrated. Of course that is just me.

So other than allowing a KYC slot for their members, the Libra tokens can also be used to unlock the balance. Only after unlocking the balance, users can then withdraw the tokens. Of course withdrawing the tokens will only be available at a later date. But you do get to unlock the balance you earned plus those earned by those you referred to (those who have completed KYC as well). Again there is a catch – Star Network seems to be full of such things – the Libra token has an expiry of 7 days. So you will need to use the token or it vanishes. Of course you can trade or give it to someone else in your team. Well, I guess it makes the network more exciting and gives users a chance to interact with others. It is called Social Defi for a reason.

The wallet on the app is now active and users can send and receive Star tokens. But do note that the tokens need to be unlocked before you can do anything. So that Libra token is still needed in order for users to do any sort of transaction. When they first announced the Libra tokens, I didn’t know how important this token will be. But after some thought, I think this token is probably the one that enables everything. Kind of disappointing that the Libra tokens only last 7 days. Makes everything kind of rushed for users to complete.

Anyway Star Network has reached 900 thousand users. Going for a million soon. Now that is real growth we are seeing here. I think this project does seem to be heading in the right direction. And if they continue to grow, think they might be able to compete with Hi Dollars in the Defi space. Defi is still the bomb if you ask me. And lots of space to grow further.

I am not a financial advisor. And for god’s sake, do not pay for anything on an app unless you are sure of their success. Please take care.

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Hi Dollars Token – It finally rises!

Yes the Hi Dollar Token has finally hit USD 1 and beyond. The token has not reached this value since it was officially launched in August of this year. And it looks like it is still rising. At time of writing, it has reached USD 1.23 which is quite impressive. Take a look at the price chart from CoinMarketCap below. It has been rising rapidly since late October. This is extremely good news for Hi Dollar token holders like me. The price of Hi Dollar had been rather lackluster since its launch. Hovering between USD 0.8 – USD 0.6. But usually it will hang around USD 0.7 or so.

This could simply be the Hi Dollar token being bridged into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This helps to improve the liquidity by reducing transaction costs associated when users trade or swap tokens in their favourite DEX. I have done quite a lot of transactions on BSC and they barely cost anything. Of course one cannot compare BSC and MATIC. The price rise starting in late October correspond to the time when they bridge to the Binance Smart Chain. So yes that was a smart move indeed. I mean if they remained in the Ethereum ecosystem and with so many tokens still locked up in their rewards system, this will definitely have some impact on the value. But with the switch to BSC and their LP incentive program, liquidity issues seem to be a thing of the past now.

However with that said I am still not too confident about the Hi Dollar tokenomics. Their massive expected supply is one of the main reasons why. Just by looking at the daily rewards they are giving to their members – you will easily understand why I feel that way. I am talking about like tens of millions of tokens being given to members daily. The daily rewards plus the referral rewards plus the downstream rewards. And we have this LP incentive and other rewards as well. Those will add up and add to the already massive supply of Hi Dollar tokens. With more members joining their network, the supply will only increase in an exponential rate. While I agree that more members means more demand for their Hi Dollar tokens, not all members do add value to their network. The time will also come when the Hi Dollar tokens being locked in their rewards balance are released – what impact will it have on the price of Hi Dollar?

No no, I am not that greedy. I am also not that selfish. Again I can understand why they need to attract more members with good rewards. But I feel that when their rewards program ends, we will be left with such a huge amount of Hi Dollar tokens, the value of the token will simply not be able to maintain. Of course that is just my opinion. The Hi Dollars team seemed to have some good financial backing and the project also seem to be developing very well. However the concern of supply still remains.

I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when it comes to investing your hard earned money. You can use my referral code when joining the Hi Dollar network – blong1234. Please take care!

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Bull Market Craze – Everything Up?

That is the problem with the bull market. Nearly everything goes up. Just look at some of the biggest gainers (as in price) in the crypto market these few days. Quite a few I have never heard of in my life. And I am someone who is kind of a busybody and love spending my time looking at all these lesser known altcoins. It has become my obsession for the past few months. Yes I know it is unhealthy but it can be kind of fun though. Of course I never bought any of such tokens or coins except for a few in the mobile crypto mining side of things. And even that I merely put like less than 100 dollars into these projects. I do not recommend anyone going down the same route same me. You should NOT invest in such coins or tokens. Most of them will fail and you will probably lose all your money that you invested in those projects.

Anyway as it is the bull market right now, it does seem that nearly all the tokens or coins in the market is rising. So should you just throw whether cash you have lying around into any small cap coin you can find? Well this can be a very tough question to answer. But my simple advise would be whether you can time the market. Most people can’t. And if you can’t, are you willing to lose what you have invested? If the answer is yes, then sure, go ahead and try your luck at all those crazy possibly 1000x coins. You might just get rich and become the next SHIBA INU millionaire. And if you are someone who can “time” the market, won’t you be better off investing in something slightly less volatile? But do note that even the so called experts out there can’t time the market to perfection. Just look at those hundreds of millions of dollar lost by people who short the market but got burnt instead.

I think I have said this very often in this blog. But I will say it again – I am someone who invests for the long term. I avoid meme coins like the plague. Sure I might throw in some money now and then to smaller projects if I find that they might have some potential in the future but that’s about it. And my investments in those are tiny compared to the bigger tokens or coins in my portfolio.

If you are playing the markets right now, everything does seem like they were going to the moon. It happened during the May bull run as well. Everyone seems to be FOMOing into the market and throwing money around like everything they touch will turn to gold. Lots of people go in blind. But honestly speaking, is there really such a thing? Market manipulation is so rampant in the crypto sphere. It doesn’t take that much for the markets to fall again. Again this happened only recently – in end of May and June. That was one huge tumble and lots of small retail investors like you and me got burnt. But apparently 5 months is such a long time that everyone seems to not to remember. Pretty sad.

Just remember how hard it was to earn what you initially invested in the markets. All it takes will be a few “black swan” announcements to make the markets fall. And don’t think it will not happen. It will. Just a matter of time. So take care! And remember what I say. I might not be a financial advisor or have a crystal ball, but I do have some experience in the crypto market.

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The problem of being a cheapskate – FTX issues

[Update: 05-Nov-2021]Finally the funds went through and I can start using them on FTX. After so much back and forth, I can finally use the funds. Thank you to the FTX support team!

So as you guys know, I can be a little bit on the cheapskate side. Probably because of my upbringing. If I can save on something, I will definitely save on that, especially if it is not that difficult to do. And as Binance is being blocked by the Singapore government and there is no way to trade on Binance for Singapore users anymore, I have to go look for other alternatives. I have been using Kucoin for some time and it seems fine. Not as good as Binance of course but still acceptable to me. The interface is nearly exactly the same as Binance too. However me being me, went along to look for other crypto exchanges to test out. And while I was browsing, I discovered that FTX allowed SGD deposits in their DBS (Singapore local) bank. (Note that this has been changed just recently.) I was shocked and surprised that our government allowed to to happen. Especially what happened to Binance recently.

So of course I went ahead and deposit some money into FTX’s SGD account in a local bank. I mean FTX is indeed a very good exchange. According to plenty of reviews, their platform is considered one of the better ones. And their transaction fees are also lower than Kucoin. You can watch Coin Bureau’s review and comparison on the exchange here. Plus if I transfer money to a local bank from another local bank there will be no wire or any bank fees. That is a definite win-win for Singapore users! And that is what I did. However lo and behold, just like two days later, I see a notification on their deposit page that they had changed the deposit method. I am guessing that our dear Singapore authorities found out about this and decided to stop the little loophole. Or that DBS themselves found out and stopped it because DBS themselves only want crypto sales through their own platform. Yes apparently DBS has been approved by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and given crypto licenses. They certainly don’t want any competition from FTX! Just imagine if crypto investors found out the advantages of trading in FTX rather than DBS’s own crypto platform. No one sane would then go to DBS for crypto trading services at all.

Although my money was transferred across, it might be somehow stuck. Even FTX support seemed to be lost and their replies extremely cryptic to say the least. It has already been like 2 weeks and the only thing they said was to hold on while they get to the bottom of it. If you ask me, the bank account might simply be just frozen by DBS themselves or by the government. So this looks like a very long haul for me. I wonder how long it will take for my funds to get unfrozen. It is not a huge amount but for a small time retail investor and the current bull run happening, it is very disappointing.

So take care! And hope the best for me funds. Investors should not always go for the cheapest method. Sometimes you will lose even more. See you guys later in another post.

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Rise of Meme Coins…..Yet Again

Do you remember around May when the crypto markets were going crazy? And everyone was saying that this or that coin or token was going to moon and everyone should just listen to Elon Musk? Well it honestly looks like history is indeed repeating itself. As you guys should know by now, I am not a fan of meme coins. Sure I myself bought Shiba Inu a few months back (like July or August) – but frankly speaking, that was just to test out the liquidity pool in Binance. It was giving pretty good yields, so I wonder why not. The price of Shiba Inu was pretty low at that time. Just buy some and when the time is right, sell them. However as the yield rates was one of the highest in Binance – it simply meant that people are trading in Shiba Inu even though the overall trading volume for cryptocurrencies was still relatively low. How about that for some insights on meme coins.

Yes, I also know that Shiba Inu has an “ecosystem” – swaps, NFTs and what-not is available there. But then so does plenty of other tokens. Even the much smaller and lesser known Eagle Network has plans for their own ecosystem with swaps as well. Honestly it is nothing too amazing right? The only thing carrying Shiba Inu is that it will often make the press. And of course our dear Elon Musk and his ridiculous “tweets” that will send prices soaring like to the moon. It just happened recently. Some cryptic tweet about his puppy and it suddenly went to the roof. I don’t know about you but if my cryptocurrency asset’s value is so dependent on someone’s tweets and messages, I might want to consider offloading this particular asset. I mean what if some day that particular person decided that he hates Shiba Inu and want to see it burn? I heard that Elon Musk had some issues with Bitcoin previously.

Yes the crypto market is just full of manipulators and people wanting to trick retail investors of their hard earned cash. If you look at Elon Musk and his tweets on Bitcoin, you will see the same pattern. When he had announced that Tesla has held Bitcoins in their portfolio, he actually meant that Tesla is hoping to sell some of them for big profits and he needs us to pump it up for him before the sale. And that is exactly what happened. So guys, if you want to remain sane, you shouldn’t listen to these people’s tweets. You don’t need to look any further than the next meme coin – DOGECOIN. Look at how much it pump during the rally in May. It was caused by Elon Musk as well. And then look at the price of DOGECOIN now. Just imagine the loss for retail investors that happened during the crash. It has not even recovered to its all time high yet. Not even by half. How did it suddenly become a shelf of its former self? And what happened to Elon Musk on DOGECOIN?

Again I don’t know about you but I won’t be touching meme coins any time soon. And trust me, you will get burnt if you go near them. There are plenty of other tokens or coins out there. And some of them are so much better in terms of tokenomics and real-case uses in comparison. It is strange that someone who is supposed to be very interested in cryptocurrencies like Elon Musk doesn’t even talk about Cardano or Ripple. Only meme coins?

Take care! And always be mindful of listening to advise from influencer. Even big name ones like Elon Musk. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when it comes to investing.

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Hi Benefits Announced! Well officially….

Congrats to all who have been minting Hi Tokens and to those who have invested in Hi Dollars. Finally the team has announced Hi benefits. This is a loyalty program for holders of Hi Dollars. The more you hold, the bigger the benefits. They have divided the benefits into tiers. So yes things are looking very good for Hi Dollars. They have recently started their Hi earnings where investors can put in cryptocurrencies into their earnings plan and get interest in return. For those who don’t know, it can be up to 40% if you keep Hi Tokens for a year in their earnings plan. That would help keep some of the Hi tokens locked up for the time being. I myself have been putting any funds from my flexi account into earnings every chance I get.

You can refer to the diagram above. If you have not put any funds into Hi, you should be in the Hi Guest tier. Basically nothing. But fear not, if you have been minting Hi Dollars using their iOS app or Telegram bot, you will have the funds in your flexi wallet in about a year’s time. With that you can transfer to your earnings and you can benefit from the Hi Benefits as well. It might take some time though. The most interesting tier is the Hi Green tier. Once you reach this tier, you will get access to the Masterclass site subscription. Yes, free. Plus you get 10% additional boost to your Earnings. That means if you are earning 40% on your Hi earnings, you get an additional 10% on top of that! Not bad if you ask me. However do note that you will need to have more than 1000 Hi Dollars in your vault (only by purchasing Hi tokens either from exchanges or from their web app) and earnings in order to get this benefit. And if you are really loaded, you can try and get the Hi Silver tier. This has 20% additional boost to your earnings plus 5 Star Hotel & Travel Perks. Will need to wait till all the travel restrictions are lifted though.

Their Hi Gold tier benefits will be announced soon. I doubt that there are many in this tier though. Those with those kind of funds would probably not be that interested in Hi Dollars at the moment right? Well that is my opinion anyway.

And it seems that Hi Dollars have been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It was previously only available on Ethereum. This is very good news as the transactions costs on BSC is much lower than in Ethereum. This will certainly help liquidity for Hi Dollars. The issue with liquidity has always plagued Hi Dollars. If you were to check the price of Hi Dollars in Uniswap, you would understand why liquidity is so important. If you are not sure what providing liquidity means – it is simply just too add cryptocurrencies into a pool so people can trade or swap cryptocurrencies in that pool in an decentralized exchange. You will get transactions fees from being a liquidity provider. Note that there are risks involved when providing liquidity – the main one being IMPERMANENT LOSS. You can read my little guide here. With that said, you can help provide liquidity in PancakeSwap by becoming an LP and they have additional rewards for those who provide liquidity to the Hi – BUSD pool. After you provide liquidity, you can stake your LP tokens and get rewards. The amount of 1 million Hi Tokens is up for “grabs” if you want to add liquidity. For those who don’t care too much about earnings, this might be a decent way to make some Hi Dollars as well. At the moment, the rewards program will last for 3 months. However they might extend the rewards further if needed.

I will most likely stick with their earnings program. I am a bit risk averse so the least risky option is to go with their earnings. And do comment below if you are planning to go the LP route. Always eager to know what others have experienced. Of course I will keep you guys updated. If you would like to join the Hi Dollars network, you can check out my review here. Please use my referral code. Again I am not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research when it comes to investing.

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Bitcoin – new all time highs!

Well it is about time. Finally reached USD 66K! I had actually expected Bitcoin to go to new all time highs at the beginning of this month but I am guessing there was still a lot of FUD around. But it is good to see Bitcoin going to such new highs. If you ask me, I think Bitcoin is currently undervalued quite significantly. And no, I am not a Bitcoin bull or some sort of maximalist. Just stating the facts here – the level of institutional interest and with the recent release of a futures backed ETF, how is it possible for Bitcoin to remain at such low levels? Those institutions are not purchasing Bitcoin in small amounts and most of them seem to be holding onto their Bitcoin portfolio. So with increased demand and less circulating supply, there will of course be upwards pressure on the price of Bitcoin. And it is actually a good thing for us retail investors. Even those who do not hold any Bitcoin. I am one of such investors. When Bitcoin price goes up, the rest of the crypto market goes up as well. If investors are confident seeing Bitcoin going up, the whole market turns bull.

As mentioned, I am not holding onto Bitcoin at the moment. My portfolio consists of only altcoins – primary XRP, ADA, VET, CAKE and a small amount of ETH. Yes I am holding onto Hi Dollar tokens as well. I will give you guys an update on my Hi Dollar token venture perhaps in a few weeks time. As for the rest, I am only planning to hold onto ADA. The rest I will most likely sell when the time is right. But as the crypto market is pumping right now, I will start to let go some of them soon. Again I would like to highlight the importance of the relationship between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sure at times we will see a certain token pumping while the rest of the market is red. But this is something that happens far and few between. The cryptomarket is full of speculators and manipulators. So yes, there will always be tokens that go against the wind. But in most cases, Bitcoin dictates where the market is going.

So do you guys think that Bitcoin will reach 75K by the end of this month? Let me know what do you think down in the comments. If you ask me, I think it is doable. The market is just so bullish right now. A little good news and they start pumping already. However note that there might be a few black swan events that might just bring down the whole cryptomarket. Mostly from the SEC. They seem to be hell bent on bringing down the cryptomarket, or at least they are looking for ways to take control of this financial sector. So if you are planning to get into the crypto trading right now, do watch out for them. And don’t forget to take profits when possible. Don’t be too greedy. I made plenty of such mistakes already. You only HODL if you are planning to stay for the long haul.

Note that the Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) is not a spot ETF but a futures ETF. This means that these are actually contracts that will be fulfilled at a later date. Of course Bitcoin futures are related to the actual Bitcoin price but there might be differences. But in general, they tend to be going in the same direction. And seems like there are plenty more ETFs waiting for approval by the SEC. Some of which are spot ETFs. This means more and more money are being poured into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is a good thing for us. That is why if you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, you should do it early.

By the way I am not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research when it comes to investing. Don’t take the words of a blogger with your own life savings.

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Eagle Network – confidence restored?

About a week ago, there was some issue with the Eagle Network that resulted in some let’s say…unhappiness in the community. What happened was that the developers were supposed to release the Eagle (tokens) to the users’ wallets but the day went and there were no tokens in most users’ wallets. So naturally (myself included) thought that there was something very fishy going on behind the scenes. I mean they have been promising us that they will allow the withdrawal of the tokens but nothing happened. They did make an announcement later and the statement claimed that it was due to the expense of pushing the tokens out. Apparently they used a 3rd party bulk sender to send out tokens to the users’ wallets and it costed like 95K USD to send out to the wallets. This would mean that every month they will need to incur such a huge cost, which is not really that practical. Just look at the number of users they have – 95K will probably be considered small as more and more users get onboard. And they did say that they will find another solution for it but didn’t say how they were going to do it. You can read more about this here.

So naturally people like me who have been “mining” for a few months got suspicious. Did they not think of this cost issue when they planned how they were going to distribute the tokens via their “staking” option? I mean that should be the first thing they should have planned right? The cost of sending out so many tokens to their users numerous times – that was the plan. It is meant to ensure that users will not dump their tokens into the market when the token is launched. Honestly, that has happened countless of times during token launches. We see it like drop to 5% of its initial value on the day of the launch. And in quite a few cases, these tokens never recover – simply because no one likes to see charts with a such a steep slope. Just imagine if you were looking at the market charts for a lesser known cryptocurrency and you see the huge dump in the beginning – you too will be just a bit more curious right?

Anyways for those who are worried that the Eagle Network is a scam – you should not be. Seems that they have developed their own application to do the release of the tokens to their users. Apparently it is much cheaper than using a third party application. Anyway the BSC network transaction fees should be pretty low. Yes the Eagle Token is running on the BSC network. The problem is that they have to transact to a lot of users. That is where the bulk of the cost is at. There was supposed to be 14,634 total request and the total amount of tokens was 16 million. 14k requests should not be so costly if you ask me. I have done numerous transactions via the BSC network and none costs more than a few cents only – so I do find it strange that using a Bulk sender would cost so much. And I would also expected way more requests than that considering that they have over 1.2 million users. But as I mentioned before, quite a lot of users are just not really into the project and I don’t think they add much anyway. Just add to the numbers only.

Well now it is to see whether they will actually release the tokens as promised. Their own bulk sender is currently under testing but as they claimed, it should be up and running soon. The Eagles Team would like to ensure that the application is functioning correctly which is fair I guess. Rumours say it should be ready by the end of the month. Yes I will keep you guys updated on any development. I hope to see the Eagle Tokens in my wallet as well. It has been quite a while. Please take care!