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Why I Am Going The Mobile Crypto Mining Route

I am pretty sure by now, my readers would realize that I am particularly interested in the mobile crypto mining scene. Yes I love crypto and what it actually stands for. But I am especially into the mobile crypto mining scene. For those who still don’t know what this is, let me give you guys a quick explanation on what is mobile crypto mining – basically it gives users a way to “mine” or mint cryptocurrencies using their mobile devices but there is actually no mining going on. It is just a way for the developers of the project to get people interested and to get more users to join their platform. You can see users posting their referral codes here and there – this is to not only get more users in but also to help boost their mining rate. I find the idea really intriguing to say the least. Of course users will need to come into the app daily (there are quite a few that requires users to come back to the app every hour) to restart their mining.

Of course there are tons of scams and rugpulls in this market. There are also those projects that stalled due to the lack of funds or that they cannot find investors or that the developers were no longer interested in the project. Or that the developers knew that they cannot compete with the bigger projects out there. That is why I tell my readers never to pay for anything on such platforms. Who knows what will happen? This is the crypto market and it is indeed full of scams, rugpulls and dead projects. Even projects with big names and investors behind them have failed spectacularly. So again please be aware about how you spend your hard earned money. But for me, I merely do all the mining for fun. I honestly don’t think that I will be making tons of money even if a project is successful. Yes the price of the token does indeed go to the moon, I will be very happy. Honestly these are just merely hype. For every one project like SHIBA INU, there are probably thousands that failed or are scams. So you should level your expectations.

And guys, it is important to understand that most of these projects will require you to “mine” or mint for a long time. The Pi Network project is still ongoing since 2019! Just imagine clicking buttons everyday on your mobile device everyday 365 days a week. The dedication needed. So if you are expecting to make a quick buck, then crypto mining is just not for you. Most start very small and they develop their services and ecosystem over time. If you ask me, I think it is pretty reasonable for a project like Pi Network to take 3 to 4 years to really take off the ground. The Hi Dollar team has said that their development cycle will take 4 years to build up their products and services. They even have 1 year lockup periods for their tokens. And the Hi Dollar project seems to be very well funded. Things take time. If a project is being rushed through, hiccups will often occur. We don’t need to look far to see that is true. Eagle Network anyone?

With all these said, I am very confident that mobile crypto mining is the way to go. Why you might ask? Well this is because the crypto market is pretty saturated and there are just too many crypto projects out there. The number of projects are just so mind boggling that it is extremely difficult for the smaller projects to stand out. Not to mention, there is hardly anyway for regular folks like you and me to interact with these projects. However for mobile crypto mining, you have to download their app and after “mining” you will get a certain amount of their tokens as well. This also creates more interest in the project. Users get their friends interested as well. More interest means more demand. Everyone loves free stuff right? And users get to watch as their project grows from start to end.

So yes, I think more projects are starting to realize that mobile crypto mining can be a good alternative. So join me as we navigate through the horrors that is the crypto industry. Maybe along the way we can learn something useful in life.

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