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Hi Benefits Announced! Well officially….

Congrats to all who have been minting Hi Tokens and to those who have invested in Hi Dollars. Finally the team has announced Hi benefits. This is a loyalty program for holders of Hi Dollars. The more you hold, the bigger the benefits. They have divided the benefits into tiers. So yes things are looking very good for Hi Dollars. They have recently started their Hi earnings where investors can put in cryptocurrencies into their earnings plan and get interest in return. For those who don’t know, it can be up to 40% if you keep Hi Tokens for a year in their earnings plan. That would help keep some of the Hi tokens locked up for the time being. I myself have been putting any funds from my flexi account into earnings every chance I get.

You can refer to the diagram above. If you have not put any funds into Hi, you should be in the Hi Guest tier. Basically nothing. But fear not, if you have been minting Hi Dollars using their iOS app or Telegram bot, you will have the funds in your flexi wallet in about a year’s time. With that you can transfer to your earnings and you can benefit from the Hi Benefits as well. It might take some time though. The most interesting tier is the Hi Green tier. Once you reach this tier, you will get access to the Masterclass site subscription. Yes, free. Plus you get 10% additional boost to your Earnings. That means if you are earning 40% on your Hi earnings, you get an additional 10% on top of that! Not bad if you ask me. However do note that you will need to have more than 1000 Hi Dollars in your vault (only by purchasing Hi tokens either from exchanges or from their web app) and earnings in order to get this benefit. And if you are really loaded, you can try and get the Hi Silver tier. This has 20% additional boost to your earnings plus 5 Star Hotel & Travel Perks. Will need to wait till all the travel restrictions are lifted though.

Their Hi Gold tier benefits will be announced soon. I doubt that there are many in this tier though. Those with those kind of funds would probably not be that interested in Hi Dollars at the moment right? Well that is my opinion anyway.

And it seems that Hi Dollars have been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It was previously only available on Ethereum. This is very good news as the transactions costs on BSC is much lower than in Ethereum. This will certainly help liquidity for Hi Dollars. The issue with liquidity has always plagued Hi Dollars. If you were to check the price of Hi Dollars in Uniswap, you would understand why liquidity is so important. If you are not sure what providing liquidity means – it is simply just too add cryptocurrencies into a pool so people can trade or swap cryptocurrencies in that pool in an decentralized exchange. You will get transactions fees from being a liquidity provider. Note that there are risks involved when providing liquidity – the main one being IMPERMANENT LOSS. You can read my little guide here. With that said, you can help provide liquidity in PancakeSwap by becoming an LP and they have additional rewards for those who provide liquidity to the Hi – BUSD pool. After you provide liquidity, you can stake your LP tokens and get rewards. The amount of 1 million Hi Tokens is up for “grabs” if you want to add liquidity. For those who don’t care too much about earnings, this might be a decent way to make some Hi Dollars as well. At the moment, the rewards program will last for 3 months. However they might extend the rewards further if needed.

I will most likely stick with their earnings program. I am a bit risk averse so the least risky option is to go with their earnings. And do comment below if you are planning to go the LP route. Always eager to know what others have experienced. Of course I will keep you guys updated. If you would like to join the Hi Dollars network, you can check out my review here. Please use my referral code. Again I am not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research when it comes to investing.

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