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Star Network – growing very well

One of the things that attracted me to Star Network [referral code: blong1234] was that it has a very comprehensive whitepaper detailing their project. And if you have the time and you are interested in such projects, you should take a look here. Someone took a lot of effort and thought to create that whitepaper and the results are showing. The number of users have grown from 100,000 to 200,000 within a span of a week. Of course these are the numbers provided by the developers themselves and there is really no way to confirm whether this is true or not. However if it is true, then this is one of the fastest growing crypto mining networks I have ever seen. And this is amidst the huge number of similar projects out there. I think if you were to check out Youtube videos on such “free” mobile crypto mining projects, there might just be one being launched every single day. But of course most of them will fail. That is why I am only looking at those with good potential to invest some of my time on them. They do need some time investment as you will need to spend a few seconds everyday clicking buttons.

I have done a review on Star Network about 2 weeks ago. You can read it here. Nothing has changed to make me believe that this is a scam or anyway related to a scam. Of course there is no way for anyone to know whether this project will eventually succeed but things are certainly looking quite bright. With increased number of users means word is being spread regarding the project. And that means more interest and this is definitely good news for users who hold the their Star Token. The biggest problem I foresee is that the developers do not seemed to be worried about token dumping, especially on the day the Star Tokens are being launched. But this has always been a problem for crypto projects during launch. And we are now talking about their users holding a good number of tokens for a period of time and they are very eager to sell it off. So what happens if you get lots of selling within a short period of time? The price dumps/tanks. We have seen it happened just too often to pretend it will not happen. Even if they have solid fundamentals, any investor those looking at the price chart will be very concerned about the sharp fall in price. Not to mention a lot of investors do not even care about fundaments and only look at price charts for their analysis.

So if you have already been “mining” in the Star Network app, keep on mining. I will update you guys if I see any important changes. If you would like to try out this platform, I would suggest that you go to Google Playstore or the Apple App Store to download it yourself. You can use my referral code if you want. But if you have friends or relatives doing mining, then I would suggest you use their code instead. To increase the mining rate, you should invite others to join you using your own referral code. They have this “Power Up” feature which allows you to increase your mining rate. You can do this twice every day. I have gotten a 100% boost once. Do note however that this app has advertisements. Of course at the moment, I do not have that many referrals but I will keep on trying. I am indeed very bullish about this project. However you should always do your own research and learn more before you commit to anything. And for god’s sake, do not pay for anything unless you are very sure that the project will succeed. Rugpulls are very common in this industry.

If you know of any good looking crypto projects with great potential, let me know down in the comments. I am always keen to learn more about these platforms.

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