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Pi or Hi? I think these two will succeed.

I have done reviews on both the Pi Network and the Hi Network before. And I think these will be the ones that will eventually be successful. If you don’t know what these two applications (or platforms) are, they are crypto “mining” platforms that allow you to earn tokens or rewards daily. All you have to do is to either click on button everyday or to login and answer a few questions on your mobile device. It takes at most a minute of your time per day. And no, you do not need to do actually any crypto mining. It is just a process to ensure that real users are logging in via interaction. And you get further rewards by introducing others to the network. This is the way for the word about the platform to spread. They do need more people to join thus increasing both the value of their native token and to have more real case users. So here are the reasons why I think the Pi Network and the Hi Network will succeed.

Pi Network. It is one of the oldest mobile crypto mining platform and is one of the most popular right now. They are more into the mobile side of things though. From what they have revealed on their application, it seems that they currently have about 23 million active users. And we are talking about active users, not just anyone who have signed up and might not have continued with their application. Their engine and developer portal is up and running as well. Developers can start testing via their hackathon. However they are still in testnet phrase but things are certainly looking positive for them. Their token is also in the testnet phrase. We will not know the value until it is officially launched and can be traded on exchanges. But with the vast number of developers showing interest in developing apps on their ecosystem, I think the Pi Network will be one of the largest ecosystem out there. Wallet and transactions via the Stellar blockchain seems to be functioning well. They started in 2019 and it has been over 2 long years. So yes it should not be much longer when it will be finally launched. Furthermore projects that sprung up quickly might just be in for the quick buck and not in for the long haul. Unlike many of the other mobile crypto mining apps, they do not have advertisements or other fishy gimmicks or even token pre-sale plans. I am quite certain that they are a legitimate project. Plenty of the other projects are merely copying their whitepaper.

Hi Network. The main reason why I am rather confident that this project will succeed is the way they handled how their tokens are being sold in the open market. They have made sure that their tokens cannot be easily dumped into the market once it will launched and traded publicly. They did that by making sure that the rewards have to be kept one year before they can be released. This goes for the tokens being purchased via their pre-sale. And as their token has been released and can be traded publicly (via Uniswap at the moment), the price of the tokens have remained more or less stable. Unlike many of the other tokens where we see the price tank as users immediately dump their tokens into the market at release. Quite a lot of thought have been given to the design of the platform. Although this project is relatively new and do not have the numbers like the Pi Network or even Bee Network, I believe that they are in this not to make a quick buck. They do have some very interesting features in their pipeline. Their token is currently via the Ethereum blockchain but they have plans to create their own, which is pretty ambitious. However unlike Pi Network, all their applications will be done in-house. If I am not wrong, they are going for the decentralized finance route which I think is still going strong in the cryptospace. In fact, I have always been bullish about defi. I am also not seeing any advertisements or other gimmicks, though you can purchase their tokens via their pre-sale previously. This pre-sale is now over though. Overall I don’t see anything suspicious about this project. But as it is still very young, I will do an update maybe in a few months time. At the moment, I think this project will be big and would expect great things.

Oh, I am not a financial advisor. The information provided are my own and they are for informational purposes only. Please do your own research when investing your money.

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Does not seem like there is too much real use case for this coin right?
And it certainly needs a lot of marketing and adoption before it can even reach the level of BTC.
Problem is that there are so many such coins out there already.

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