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Hi Dollars – strange one. But looks promising!

Yes this is yet another one of those “tap a few buttons” crypto mining app but it does not advertise itself to be doing crypto mining. The one thing that lead me to this application (actually not really an app) is that it actually does look very promising. Whether or not the price they state on their website is accurate or even close, I have no idea. And I am always telling my readers never to pay for anything on these kind of platform or application. Even if their intention is not to cheat you, you will never know when they will just call it quits due to some market downturn. And there is not much you can do if this happens. Your money down the drain. So a reminder that I am not endorsing this platform but it does look quite promising.

So basically what you need to do is to have either Telegram or Whatsapp and you will be able to get rewards once per day. First go to their website and at the bottom they have an icon for Telegram (if you are planning to use Telegram) or Whatsapp (if you are planning to use Whatsapp). You will need to use the instructions to get the rewards which consists of just typing “Hi” and following the steps provided. Sometimes they will ask you a multiple choice question, sometimes you will need to type down the answers. But it is very easy and should not take more than 1 minute of your time per day. At time of writing, you get 2.5 hi Dollars per day as reward. As to how much that is worth in USD, well you can check out their website. For those who do not use Telegram or Whatsapp, they have an Web App as well. I have tried both Whatsapp and their Web App, all is pretty easy to use. However do note that their service might get bogged down during certain periods so if you get an error message that the server is busy, you should try again later. [Update 12-Oct-2021] Their mobile app is about ready to launch.

I have been “minting” hi Dollars for about a month already. They do feel legit to me. No advertisements but they do try to get you to buy their hi Dollars via their own exchange. And if I am not wrong, the hi Dollars will only be released periodically (Daily) so you will not get one lump sum. Even the rewards you get will be held for 1 year before being released. If you ask me, I think this is a good thing. You will not see the crazy wild swings in the price if investors get amounts of hi Dollars over time. This is what I think will happen to many of the mobile crypto tokens. If imagine what will happen on the day when Pi gets launched and is available to trade at exchanges? Those who have been mining Pi for years will rush to exchanges and offload their Pi, sending it crashing to the ground. We have seen this happened plenty of times when cryptocurrencies are launched right? It does seem that the developers have put in some thought into the project. At least they are most unlikely those who just wants to quickly make some profit and then do a rugpull. Furthermore that domain name probably is worth something if you ask me. is not a cheap domain. Just like So these fellows do have at least some financial muscle behind the project. Whether it is a good thing or not remains to be seen. However it is interesting to note that their website state that they are “not for profit”.

The hi Dollar team claims that they are now on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network and plans to switch to their own blockchain technology soon. Yes you heard me right – they are planning to develop and use their own blockchain network (hi Chain/hi protocol). If you ask me, that is one very ambitious project they have there. Not too sure whether they will succeed though. I would rather they concentrate on developing their applications and ecosystem rather than trying to go into blockchain itself as well. For those interested, you should check out their whitepaper as well. Apparently they have links to a certain Singapore foundation which is kind of cool. And from their whitepaper, it seems that their core business will be currency and cryptocurrency transfers and savings. I am guessing some sort of Defi service as well. Their web wallet is up and running and seems to be able to support a few cryptocurrencies and they should be adding more in the future. So all in all they did do quite a lot of work already. And oh, they are getting listed on Uniswap soon.

So if you are willing to spend just like 1 minute everyday getting rewards, you might want to check out [referral link included]. You can also make use of my referral code – blong1234 . If you have friends or relatives with their own referral link, you should use theirs. And apparently you do get downstream referral rewards as well. And looking from my first few referrals, they are indeed quite generous. Their purpose is of course to get more users into their network. You will probably need to complete some form of KYC in order for the hi Dollars to be used, so please be aware. I am pretty sure most if not all of the mobile crypto mining applications will require some form of KYC as well. But overall I think that Hi Dollars is quite promising. If you check their website, they did list down their team members. So….

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[…] Hi Dollars. A relatively young project but I can see the potential in this one. It is looks to be another Defi project which I believe there is more places to grow. Come on, Defi projects are all the rage in the cryptosphere. But the main reason I am bullish about this project is that they have been constantly adding features to their platform. Even though they began just early this year, their token has been launched and their earnings feature has already been started. You can earn up to 40% APY for keeping the Hi tokens. I can see that they have some financial muscle behind the team as well. Oh, at the moment their app is not ready yet, so users have to use Telegram or Whatsapp or use their web app to claim the rewards. Their Telegram group is very active so that is also a good sign. Disclaimer: I have invested in their project. This is however not to encourage my readers to invest as there are always risks when in comes to investing. […]

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