Diablo II Resurrected coming soon?

Wow, I heard about they were going to remake Diablo II but didn’t know that they were doing it so soon. But apparently it is in beta already and you can actually play the beta now. Don’t you just love the wonders of capitalism? Paying to test games for a big company. But I am guessing this is how it is nowadays. Most games are released in an uncompleted state and it will usually take a long time before it is finally polished enough for players to really play the game. But for Diablo II Resurrected, it is a different case. The majority of the changes for Diablo II Resurrected is just eye candy – it is being overhauled with better and 3D graphics. The other changes to the game is just increased stash space and some other quality of life changes. In other words, nothing too major. There will not be any new content added. So again, why can’t Blizzard released the game only when it is completed? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Anyways I am a big fan of the original Diablo II. I remembered queuing up at Funan just to buy the game. And honestly it was my first time playing a single game for that long. Those long grinds can be really tough but come on, it is very addictive to say the least. And the atmosphere of that game is just amazing. Sure the graphics did look a bit dated (even at that time) but going down level after level and the chills that follows. It is just so great! But it looks like Diablo II Resurrected will be both an online and offline game. Which is kind of interesting but I think nowadays players are so used to playing games online, I don’t think players will find any fault with that nowadays. And that would be good right? We get to compete the leaderboards and play with friends. Yes I did hope that the developers would at least add some more content into the “remake” but seems that they will not be doing that. I mean for players coming back to Diablo II and for those who are still playing Diablo II, it would be a welcome addition. More content means more re-playability in my humble opinion. And I think they could have learned some stuff from Path of Exile. Now that is surely a game with lots of content. And there is less chance of players getting bored with the game.

However it seems that Resurrected does require quite a high end graphics card. Looks like the recommended graphics is an nVidia GTX1060 or an AMD RX5500XT. And with the graphics card prices nowadays….hopefully it will still be smooth with my nVidia GTX1660Ti. I hate playing laggy games.

I should be only getting the game once it launches. My gaming PC is currently doing some mining so I probably won’t have too much spare time playing games anyway. And Diablo II will probably take up a lot of time. It is a game that rewards players who grind levels after levels. Oh…brings back memories!

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