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10 coins to go up more than 1000x – you need to get them now!

So I got your attention? Do you really want to know which coins or token that will go more than 1000x in like a few months time? You will never get them at these kind of prices anymore! Just imagine just spending a thousand dollars and getting back a million in just a span of a few months? Once they explode, we will all be millionaires and there will be tons of articles about how we bought houses and cars and yachts from these coins! So don’t waste time, quickly sell your entire house and withdraw your entire life savings and buy all these coins at a discounted rate now. You know that when Bitcoin was first launched, it was more or less worthless. If you had bought and held them till now, you would have made so much money that you could have retired. These coins which I am able to introduce to you have even more potential. You won’t want to miss what I am going to introduce to you!!!!

But guys in all seriousness it is nearly impossible to really find a coin or a token that will go 1000x in a few short months. There are always articles out there telling you about this coin or that coin or whatever unknown coin that nobody (except the author) knows off that will blow the entire cryptomarket apart and they come in such fantasy click bait titles like what I have used. Come on! Yes there are certain good coins or tokens that are coming out but going to 1000x or 100x, it seldom happens. And in a span of a few weeks?? And even if it did, by the time you heard of it, the pump is long over – you are left with the scraps or worse you are left to pay for the pump. Just look at our beloved SHIBA and DOGECOIN. Look at the number of investors that got burnt by these coins/tokens. How do you know where or when the dip is and where and when the price will tumble. There is no way to know for sure. So please beware when you read such articles and when youtubers tell you about these kind of coins.

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, I think it might be wise to look at those bigger coins/tokens aka those with a larger market cap. There are a good number with so much potential. Yes, they won’t be going like 100x like those hype coins but they are good and stable investments. Trying to find that unknown altcoin that goes parabolic is just a dream. Don’t get too carried away with it.

As usual, I will have to inform you that I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when it comes to investing your own money. I mean it is indeed your own money.

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