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Bitcoin Hashrate up & up!

This is good news for us! I know quite a lot of investors do not really care that much about the bitcoin hashrate. Heck, it is not even on their radar. But if you were to look up at past history of the bitcoin hashrate, you would realize that hashrate is indeed very important. Miners (as in those people involved in mining Bitcoin) are always the ones who extremely sensitive to market sentiments when it comes to the cryto markets. It is their business to understand what is happening to the market. If the outlook for the particular cryptocurrency is positive, miners will tend to want to mine that cryptocurrency. It just makes sense. Why would you want to lose out when they are better and more profit-making cryptocurrency out there right? So if we are seeing Bitcoin hashrate going up, it means the outlook for Bitcoin is positive. And a high hashrate means better security for the Bitcoin network as well.

Of course the downturn just a few months ago were the result of several unfortunate events. One of them was the China ban in crypto mining. This has lead to the exodus of miners from China to various other countries. If I remember correctly, at one point in time the hashrate by Chinese miners comprise of over 70% of the worldwide hashrate. That is huge. Of course China’s dominance in hashrate had been flattering since then. As of June 2021, they only make up half as miners understood that the Chinese govt is not in favour of mining. For better or for worse, Hashshiny seems to have migrated to Kazakhstan and Burma. I myself have invested a little into Hashshiny in the hopes that mining will take off. Honestly, it is slow but at the very least it is steady. I do see some returns coming. But of course I am not telling my readers to go and buy hashrates from these resellers. In fact, I don’t think it is a good idea, especially most of the plans are at least 2 years. Who knows what will happen to mining in 2 years time? I am not saying that I think Bitcoin or Ethereum will collapse in 2 years time, but most specifically what will happen to mining for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also note that when ETH 2.0 starts, it will transition to Proof of Stake. That means no more Proof of Work and what will happen to my investment for Ethereum in these hashrate companies? I have absolutely no idea.

The hashrate for Bitcoin has been rising since late June. And it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Again this is good news for Bitcoin holders. Hopefully the hashrate will rise to the same level in May/June 2021 just before the crash. But once again, you should always do your own research. Just because historically it has been positive, does not mean that it will be the same in the future. But for me, I am bullish for Bitcoin at the moment. You can check out my post about my thoughts on Bitcoin.

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Hi Dollars scammers everywhere – beware!

Scammers – they are everywhere. And it looks like they are targeting the Hi Network and its users. And you can read my review on Hi Dollars here. Which actually makes sense as Hi seems to be gaining a lot of popularity as of late. With the launch of their Hi Dollar tokens and the ability to start trading at Uniswap, these people will come out of the woodworks. And as Hi Dollar is meant for general users who are perhaps less technically inclined (and perhaps less knowledgeable), these are the group of people who are most vulnerable. And so we have a huge explosion of scammers targeting Hi Dollar users. Furthermore with Telegram, it makes targeting Hi Dollar users so much easier. Not that I am saying social media is bad or anything, but all you have to do is to go into the Official Telegram group for the Hi Network and you can start choosing your targets just like that. They usually impersonate Hi Staff or Hi Support. There was even an fake Official Telegram group for the Hi Network as well. One hint – Hi Staff or Hi Support will NEVER contact you if you didn’t initiate it first. So they will not suddenly PM/DM you or anything asking whether you have done something out of the blue. You NEED to PM/DM them first. Their official Telegram Group can be found here. Or better yet, you should go to their website and follow the Telegram link there.

***** Note that I am not saying that the Hi Network itself is a scam. At least I hope not considering that I have parked quite a lot of funds into their Hi Dollar token. I am warning that there are scammers who are targeting Hi Network users! **** However this shows that even scammers think that Hi network has great potential too. That is overall a positive thing. Just that users should be aware of such scams.

Anyway I got contacted by someone claiming to be a Hi Official Support staff and the below is how it went. Note that this is a fake account.

So we have an account that DM me asking me whether I got approved for KYC. And the account name is “hi_official Support”. This is a fake account. If it is real, the account name should be “hi official Support” without the underscore. Anyway the person did sound friendly and sincere and did not really ask for anything personal or confidential so I played along. I replied yes it has been verified. And now comes the kicker – he or she is asking me whether I have claimed my airdrop. This is where the actual scam begin. So I pretended not to know anything and said no. And he/she proceed to guide me on how to claim my airdrop.

I forgot that they need a wallet in order to draw funds from it so I replied that I am using the Hi Dollar Web application. In which he told me that they need to have a web wallet so I continued with the entire scam with those stuff about gas fees and what-not. This can be interesting.

So next they gave me a website (warning – do not click on that or go to this website! This is a scam!) in which it is supposed to be received and they will automatically connect to my wallet. This is something which you should NEVER do via some random person’s link, especially if the person sending you the link is not someone you can verify or trust.

I am supposed to get 20% more of the volume I am currently holding in the wallet. Which is obviously a big big red flag. Just imagine if Vitaly was the one who decided that he need 20% more of what he is holding in his wallet. How will this airdrop be able to vomit out that kind of ETH? So basically he/she wants you to send all of your cryptocurrency holdings to the ERC20 wallet so that they can drain it all away when you connect your wallet to that site. Remember that includes Hi Dollars as it is also an ERC20 token (at the moment). And as you can see, he/she is also trying to get their victims to put in more tokens into the wallet (asking me to transfer to purchase more ETH). This means more crypto for them to drain out.

And that is the end. I think the account got banned because I never heard from him/her again. At least we know Telegram responds to reporting. But this also shows that scammers are very much aware of new projects coming out. I mean the Hi Network is still a pretty young project and there are already very elaborate schemes to scam users. Yes I know that it is generally not that difficult to start accounts in Telegram or even start a Telegram group but the thought of it is kind of scary. I am guessing why scams are so common nowadays is because scammers tend to get away with it without any consequences. Even that American pipeline hack, the hackers didn’t seen to get caught or arrested even though the most of the funds were returned.

Anyway guys, take care. Please be aware of such schemes. You need to be careful when responding to people on the Internet and that includes on social media or via email or just though an advertisement. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And never share your personal information on the Internet. Check out some tips on avoiding such crypto scams.


Dollar Cost Averaging or Lump Sum Investing?

I am always a keen fan of dollar cost averaging (DCA for short) for all sort of investing. This includes investing in crypto. However I was watching some videos on Youtube on “experts” doing research on these two strategies and apparently they found that in most cases, the investor will usually benefit more from lump sum investing rather than dollar cost averaging. The studies show that this is true for the long run (13 years/10 years) and they usually took samples from the S&P 500. The S&P 500 are the stocks of the largest 500 companies in the United States Stock market.

First of all I am not saying that they are wrong in any way. The studies do give much credence to the fact that if you invest the entirety of your funds into a relatively safe stock market, you will reap the results. However it is important to understand that we are talking about the S&P 500 and not the Crypto market, where prices fluctuate wildly even within a span of a few minutes. In most cases, big companies will continue to do well and hence if you invest in their stocks in the long run, you will very likely see gains. It is just like the idea of HODLing Bitcoin and Ethereum. Just imagine if you have held Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2013, what would your portfolio be like now?

And as the studies use the example of investing early instead of later. So it does make sense that (in most cases) if you put in the entirety of your funds to the stock market in January of the year compared to investing at every month (January to December), you will most likely gain more benefit because you actually invested earlier. This is completely understandable. Again just imagine you bought in Bitcoin early this year, what would your portfolio be like now? However it would be a very different story if you invested the entirety of your funds lets say in early May of this year. Early May is the peak of the bull market and Bitcoin was at its all time high. So what would your portfolio be like now? You would probably be cursing that the person who told you to pump everything in right? But if you were to dollar cost average into Bitcoin for this year, what would your portfolio be like now? Sure it will definitely not be as good as when you pump in during January. But it would be way better if compared to if you had pump in during May. There is no way for anyone to really know when the bull run will start and when the bear market will come in. If you know, do let me know. And we are small time investors. Do we need that kind of risk? And we are only talking about the most stable of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin. How about for other altcoins in the market? Their volatility is legendary. One of the biggest curses in the cryptomarket is DOGECOIN. Just imagine what the portfolio would be when someone brought in DOGECOIN during the peak? More than 1/3 paper loss. How about those rug pull projects? Complete loss for those investors.

The video also mentioned that the psychological impact on the investor who throws everything in one lump sum. I think that makes perfect sense. Surely spending countless sleepless nights wondering whether you have made the correct investment is definitely not something we all want to do. Mental health bro! Dollar cost averaging helps keep the sanity of the investor. I mean if you see the project going downhill and its token price dropping, stop throwing money at it then! Or even if you got rugpulled, the loss will still be lesser compared if you have dumped all your funds in.

However with that said, if you are a prudent long term believer of crypto projects and the technology behind cryptocurrencies, you should start invest early instead of later. The studies did show that in almost all cases, the earlier you invest, the greater the gain. And please invest in real crypto projects instead of meme coins or those hype coins without any practical real-use cases. Get rich quick schemes seldom work.

I am not a financial advisor. All information given is purely for entertainment purposes. Do your own research when it comes to investing!

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Finally some good news for Binance?

Looks like there is finally some good news for Binance? Read this article from Forkcast. This time coming from the UK. Seems that the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has given Binance Market Limited the green light and officially stated that they have fully with all aspects of their requirement. It was in June this year that the FCA had imposed restrictions on the activities of Binance Market Limited. And this is looking very good for Binance. Shows that if they want, they can easily fully government and state requirements.

And it seems that Binance has rolled out compulsory verification for their international services as well. So if you have not done your “intermediate verification”, you should go ahead and start completing it. It shouldn’t take too long either. I remember completing mine in just under a week. If not, your account might get suspended. And honestly I don’t think it is very difficult to do KYC (Know Your Customer). Unless you have something to hide, KYC is just to ensure that you are who you are and if I am not wrong, most exchanges are starting to implement compulsory KYC already. Of course I am talking about the major exchanges. I also know that there are some people out there who don’t trust giving companies or businesses personal information. But that is the “cost” of doing business right? They are in the business of trading stocks or cryptocurrencies and not in the business of selling personal information. You should be more concerned about Google and other internet services like Facebook and Twitter. Those are in the business of selling information to the highest bidder. Exchanges like Binance will usually only provide details of their customers to the authorities if there are cases of fraud or illegal activities. There is no purpose for Binance to give away details without any reason. Of course abuses do and will happen. But I highly doubt that it will be a common occurrence for such a major exchange. Beware of smaller unknown exchanges though.

And it is a good thing for us in the cryptosphere. I mean there a lot of people who think that cryptocurrencies and those involved in crypto projects are simply anonymous hackers or criminals out there in the dark web. This actually legitimize us. Crypto will not always be associated with criminals anymore. And Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world. More confidence in Binance also means more trading volume, which means the crypto market is more stable and less volatile. Hopefully. Of course volatility is relative.

[Updated 07-Sep-2021]MAS seems to be coming down on Binance. Sometimes it sucks to be big. But then again pretty sure that everything will be settled soon. With the kind of resources Binance has, it should not be too long to get everything resolved. Hopefully.


Natierra Japanese Spice Blend (Shichimi Togarashi)

This is yet another of my “food” review. And yes I am still reviewing spice mixes. First of all I need to tell you readers that I do enjoy trying out various spice mixes out there. If you are living in Singapore, you will probably have a large variety easily available to you. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and all the different types of spices, I just love them. Anyway today I will be checking out this brand of Japanese Spice Blend. Oh, I got this from iHerb (referral code included), so I doubt that you can find this in stores around Singapore.

“Superfoods with Soul”. This is the Natierra Shichimi Togarashi basically a mix of spices and it usually comes with some sort of red pepper (hence the name Togarashi), chillis, sesame seeds, orange peel and some nori (seaweed). From what I know, it is supposed to consist of only seven ingredients but I guess most will take some liberties with the ingredients. And folks, this blend is just amazing. You will love the mix of spiciness and the different flavours. Oh, if you can’t take the heat, this isn’t actually that spicy anyway. I myself is not really into spicy foods either.

I agree completely with what they say. And I think it goes great with delicate foods as well. There is no overwhelming ingredient in the mix like most other spice mix. I had even tried it with some light salad and yes, goes great with it. So if you are wanting to add some flavour to a bland dish, this is it. Yes the heat it is there but never once did I feel the heat being too much.

Check out the ingredients list. Kibbled Nori, Sea Salt, Aji Amarillo Chile Powder, Ginger Powder, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Granulated Orange Peel, Aleppo Chile and Ground Cayenne Pepper. These really packs some nice flavour with a little heat. Plus it comes in a convenient “shaker” style container. But too bad, such containers are not re-usable.

Unlike the famous S&B brand, this is a little more rustic. The S&B bottle are more finely grounded. Of course some do not like the more rustic nature of Natierra spice blend but I like it.

Added some to Char Siew BBQ pork. The great thing about this spice blend is that it does not overwhelm the dish. As the spice blend does not have any sweetness of its own, adding it to a very sweet meat dish like Char Siew is the best!

Added some to Japanese beef bowl. Very nice. Goes very well with meats.

The price is quite average though. Brought from iHerb for around S$7. In Singapore you can probably get a Japanese Shichimi Togarashi around half the amount(30-35ml) for around S$3-4. So basically the same price. But honestly iHerb prices are more often than not better than what we have here in Singapore. Well what to do? Everything in Singapore is expensive nowadays. Even the coffee served at my nearby coffee shop have risen considerably.

If you are interested, I have done a few other reviews as well – Popo Muruku Spicy Chicken Flavour, All Like Banana Chips & Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.

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Cardano going strong!

I am not someone who loves to join in the hype train but I just need to give my two cents on Cardano. It is absolutely tearing it! And yes I am a long term holder of ADA (their native token) and a strong believer in Cardano. ADA was the first few cryptocurrencies that I bought when I first started trading in the crypto markets. Admittedly I initially thought that it was like super underpriced due to the fact that it was one of the top 10 in marketcap that wasn’t above USD 1 (other than XRP). Of course now that I understood the meaning of marketcap, I am still very bullish about Cardano. And for the record I believe Cardano will do very well for the near future. The number of projects that will come aboard will be staggering. Just imagine once their smart contracts are up and running, how many projects will be using the Cardano blockchain and the demand for ADA will rise corresponding.

I had done a few quick reviews on Cardano and what I think of this project- you can read them here and here. So I am guessing the most important question for the readers is whether or not I will be selling my ADA soon. Especially seeing that the prices of ADA have reached all time highs and there are some sights that the entire market is losing steam. My answer would be no. I will still be holding ADA. I might sell a small portion of my holdings but I will be keeping the majority of my ADA portfolio. The main reason why I am bullish about Cardano is simple – their project and codes are all peer reviewed. We will probably not see the repeat of the various hacks on projects based on Cardano (assuming that the hack is due to Cardano blockchain vulnerabilities) or at least lesser chance of it happening. And this will surely inspire some confidence in the crytosphere. I mean just check out the recent hacks in various Defi platforms which resulted in huge losses for investors. Do we want a repeat of that again? I don’t mind the project being slow, as long as they deliver the technology as secure as possible and give investors the least amount of heartache.

For investors thinking of getting into ADA, I think now is likely a good time to enter. The next few months we will probably see an explosion in the price of ADA. Remember the Alonzo Purple upgrade should be the last upgrade for the Alonzo hard fork. At this stage, smart contracts will be fully supported in the production network. Expected date is around September 2021. Their testnet (for beta testing) seems to be going on fine for the beta testers. So yes, I am looking forward to seeing what price would ADA jump to once the upgrade is complete. But if you ask me, once it hits like USD 3.5 or so, you should not FOMO in anymore. Or you could wait till the bear market which I think will probably occur around Dec or maybe early next year. So during these periods of bearish sentiments, investors should accumulate cryptocurrencies as the prices will be low(er). Of course knowing exactly when the bear market or the bull market start is the billion dollar question. I think even whales or financial institutions cannot accurately predict this.

And sadly I am no financial advisor. Any information here is purely for informational and entertainment purposes only. Readers should do their own research when investing.

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The “scroll till u spot one that didn’t pump yet” strategy

Ok, the idea is this – you go to your favourite major crypto exchange and sort by highest marketcap and then you scroll down the list until you spot one cryptocurrency (less the stablecoins) that didn’t pump significantly and you buy into that. You will of course need to do this strategy during the major bull run or you will most likely get burnt. First of all I didn’t “discover” this strategy. Saw a few Youtubers talking about it the other day and found it kind of interesting. And no of course I am not endorsing such an “investment” strategy. But I am rather curious whether this will actually work. The intent of this strategy is to go down the list of the big marketcap altcoins and to only buy in those which hadn’t still pump for the current run. Because as you know for cryptocurrencies and in most cases, when BTC pumps, the rest of the altcoins will follow especially in a bull market.

The reason why you do need to start from the highest marketcap is because these are usually the safest and they are the ones usually following the market trend. And when investors and traders take profit, they will either pump it back to Bitcoin or they will do this strat of finding an altcoin which didn’t had it chance to shine yet. Apparently investors will think something is “underpriced” if it didn’t yet pump for the current run. The cycle then goes on until the major bull run fizzles off. Not too sure whether this actually makes sense to you guys but that is how it actually goes. There are some Youtubers deploying such strategy to make money in the short run. Of course this will not always work. This is seriously depending that the bull run is still occurring and they will stop at the top. But how do they spot the top? They might seem that they are making some profits for the time being. However if they timed it wrong and the markets goes south when they bought the top, they will lose money as well. That is exactly what happened during the previous May run. I have seen the same group of Youtubers getting rekted on their stream. So if you are aiming to deploy such a strategy, you should only do this for the short term and I would highly recommend you to only use a portion of your portfolio for this. This is one which I would consider rather risky. Yes I have seen it working for some traders. But whether it works well? That seriously depends on timing.

I am starting to believe that some people do this strategy because it is actually pretty easy to understand. There is not much technical analysis needed either. And you don’t need to really understand too much about the token or coin you are planning to invest in as well. You just need some decent scrolling skill, quick look at the daily increase and then at the charts if something caught your eye and you can start “making money”. And I guess there is the thrill factor as well. But again I would not recommend anyone doing this. Especially if you are a small time investor. Stick to dollar cost averaging or hold on to your coins for the long term. Oh by the way I am no financial advisor. So always do your own research when it comes to investing.


Diablo II Resurrected coming soon?

Wow, I heard about they were going to remake Diablo II but didn’t know that they were doing it so soon. But apparently it is in beta already and you can actually play the beta now. Don’t you just love the wonders of capitalism? Paying to test games for a big company. But I am guessing this is how it is nowadays. Most games are released in an uncompleted state and it will usually take a long time before it is finally polished enough for players to really play the game. But for Diablo II Resurrected, it is a different case. The majority of the changes for Diablo II Resurrected is just eye candy – it is being overhauled with better and 3D graphics. The other changes to the game is just increased stash space and some other quality of life changes. In other words, nothing too major. There will not be any new content added. So again, why can’t Blizzard released the game only when it is completed? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Anyways I am a big fan of the original Diablo II. I remembered queuing up at Funan just to buy the game. And honestly it was my first time playing a single game for that long. Those long grinds can be really tough but come on, it is very addictive to say the least. And the atmosphere of that game is just amazing. Sure the graphics did look a bit dated (even at that time) but going down level after level and the chills that follows. It is just so great! But it looks like Diablo II Resurrected will be both an online and offline game. Which is kind of interesting but I think nowadays players are so used to playing games online, I don’t think players will find any fault with that nowadays. And that would be good right? We get to compete the leaderboards and play with friends. Yes I did hope that the developers would at least add some more content into the “remake” but seems that they will not be doing that. I mean for players coming back to Diablo II and for those who are still playing Diablo II, it would be a welcome addition. More content means more re-playability in my humble opinion. And I think they could have learned some stuff from Path of Exile. Now that is surely a game with lots of content. And there is less chance of players getting bored with the game.

However it seems that Resurrected does require quite a high end graphics card. Looks like the recommended graphics is an nVidia GTX1060 or an AMD RX5500XT. And with the graphics card prices nowadays….hopefully it will still be smooth with my nVidia GTX1660Ti. I hate playing laggy games.

I should be only getting the game once it launches. My gaming PC is currently doing some mining so I probably won’t have too much spare time playing games anyway. And Diablo II will probably take up a lot of time. It is a game that rewards players who grind levels after levels. Oh…brings back memories!

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Going in for Hi Dollars – USD 1.5K

This is just an experiment. I am not telling readers that Hi Dollars will go to the moon or anything like that. Yes I am bullish about Hi Dollars and I am quite confident that this project will succeed. But as whether this will go to the moon, I am not too sure. Especially when looking at their prices of their Hi Dollars during this bull run, there is really nothing to shout about. Hi Dollars [referral link included] actually dropped after their initial launch. If I am not wrong, it went from USD 1.3 to USD 0.7 now. However I think this is expected – most coins or tokens will drop after launch because those holding on to the tokens will usually want to sell to make some money. At the very least it didn’t tank as much as expected. I have seen plenty of tokens or coins dropped in value as much as 500% after the trading in the open market. Now those are crazy. However even with the near 50% price drop, I still find Hi Dollars relatively stable. And users will not be able to dump Hi Dollars into the market anyway – most of their rewards and releases are done periodically.

Anyway I have purchased some Hi Dollars and add them to my portfolio. Hi Dollars is not listed in most centralized exchanges but you can buy them directly from their website or you can swap them in Uniswap. For the time being I am putting around USD 1.5K worth of Hi Dollars. What I would do is purchase BUSD from Binance and then transfer BUSD to Hi Dollars and then swap from there. The main reason why I use BUSD is because of the near zero transaction fees. Sure you can ETH or even BTC or LTC but do note of the higher transaction fees. I am not a rich fellow, so transferring via BUSD for me makes more sense. Do note that you should use their web application to do this step as their whatsapp application or their telegram do not support this (as of yet).

If you are new to transferring cryptocurrencies across platforms, please be careful of the different networks available. For me since I am using BUSD which is the stablecoin for Binance, the default network would be BSC which is Binance Smart Chain. And as both Binance and Hi network supports BSC, it is much easier to transfer the tokens across. However for other stablecoins, they might use different networks on different platforms. So make sure you choose the correct supported network. If you use the wrong network or wrong address, the funds you transfer to will most likely be gone. That is why I always transfer a small amount across first. If it goes through the first time, then it should be safe to transfer the rest across. You can find your deposit address in the deposit section of the Hi Dollar Web App.

As above, choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit to and you will find the deposit address. Take note of the type of network (here it is BSC) and copy the BUSD address via the copy link. Not only the address is important, the network type is also important!

The example above is Binance. The platform you are transferring from might look different from what is shown above, but the general idea is still the same. Select the token or coin you want to transfer, key in the address and choose the network. For this example we are transferring to our Hi Dollar wallet and I paste the address I copied previously and then choose the BSC network (as previously indicated). And of course the amount you want to transfer across. After all the confirmation (make sure everything is correct) it should take like a few minutes or even hours to complete the transfer. Some networks are pretty slow and the transaction/gas fees can be costly. For BSC, it should take like 5 minutes for the transfer to be done. I have done a lot of transfers via BSC, never once did I face any transaction longer than 10 minutes. However for BTC, I remembered during periods of heavy congestions, I remember some taking longer than 12 hours. Good grief.

Anyway wish me luck. Lets see whether investing in Hi Dollars will pan out for me. I do hope their savings feature will come out soon. That would certainly help encourage the price of Hi Dollars to go up a little. I will give you guys an update in a few months time. Again, this is not an endorsement for Hi Dollars, just some information for my readers. You can read my little review on Hi Dollars here. And I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when doing investing!


Love Choice Dried Dipping Condiments

I am not sure whether to start a new blog about food I find interesting or to add to this blog but I guess it is best to start somewhere. I heard that it will affect Search Engine results if the topics don’t really gel together. Anyway this is just my personal blog, so not really a biggie if my SEO get wrecked. This will be my first blog post about food!

Found this at my nearby i-Tech Supermarket so I thought I get one pack for review. i-Tech Supermarket is kind of a smallish supermarket that carries a good number of items but they are general in every sense of the word. But they do carry a lot of stuff, mostly groceries and household items. If I am not wrong, most of them are open 24hrs. And sometimes you do find very interesting stuff there as well. Like this “Dry Condiment”. It is something like those Japanese Spice Mix or Shichimi Togarashi. They usually contains chilli and some other spice blend. You might have seen them in Japanese restaurants and apparently they are very popular. This “Love Choice” brand comes in convenient packs of 10, each around 10g of spice blend.

It is somehow called “Dried Dipping Condiments”. The ingredients are Dried Chilli, Vegetable Oil, White Sesame, Soybean, Peanut, MSG, Salt, Sichuan Pepper, Chicken Flavouring and Spices. Of course as a condiment, it can be used on various dishes to spice things up. If you ask me, it is especially great with rice or meats. But note that the Sichuan pepper is rather overwhelming here, so you should add in moderation if you do not want it to overwhelm your dishes. And the spice level is high though. That is why although it is very delicious, you might want to avoid adding to some delicate foods.

I think it might be a better idea to have a bottle rather than small packages. As the flavour can be quite intense, you would probably not want to use the entire 10g package. If it comes in a bottle, you can use as much as you want instead. Pretty sure such dry stuff will keep very well in a bottle container.

10g is actually more than enough for 3-4 dishes. As it is a condiment, you usually won’t need that much. If you need to add tons of condiments, then there is something very wrong with the food itself.

Some nutritional information. The good thing with such packaging is that you can easily bring them out with you. Like going for a picnic or lunch at the foodcourt. Just slip into pocket or something. But I still think I prefer it to be in a bottle.

Here I am adding it to some noodles. Again the Sichuan Pepper is very strong and it can overwhelm the food, so use in moderation. I think it goes very well with bland foods. When you open the package, you will be immediately greeted by the Sichuan Pepper smell though. Of course if you love the smell…and a caution – this can be quite salty.

Not too bad with fried fish. It will surely go well with meats and fish. Too bad I didn’t have any other meat when I was taking photos. Overall a good mix of spices – the Sichuan Pepper and chilli are still the dominant flavour in the spice mix – the “mala” sensation on your tongue is always there but you know what, I can still taste the other spices.

I bought the 100g pack for about S$3. Price is quite decent. The Shichimi I bought from the local supermarket is around half the amount and cost like S$3.50 already. So if you like strong flavours, this condiment should be right up your alley. And yes, it can be used for dipping as well.