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Hashshiny review – get your hashrate here?

I am a bit hesitant to do a review on Hashshiny as these will usually need a long time to do any real review on them. Why? Well because these sites that sell hashrates or hashpower, they will require the “purchasers” to sign on for a few years at least. And in most cases, you will not see any profit for the first year or so. That is how it works. You buy the hashrate and they will do the mining for you. And it takes time to recover your initial investment.

For those who don’t know how these kind of crypto mining works – it is essentially just the same as mining on your own but this time, these companies will purchase, maintain and do everything for you. You just purchase the “hashrate“. Basically paying them to mine for you. Yes at first it might sound strange. Why would these companies need someone else to “purchase” (or more correctly “rent”) the hashrate for them when they have the equipment and the manpower and facilities already? Well because it takes time to mine and cost money to maintain the equipment. All these electricity, internet access and manpower costs money. And as a business, you will need to always keep up with all those ASIC equipment to ensure that you will have the most efficient hashrate to maximize profits.

Anyways I have been with Hashshiny for a few months already and it seems to be okay. Don’t see them trying to run away with my money, even though I honestly didn’t put in too much money. Just a few hundred dollars into BTC and Ethereum mining. Even after the China ban on crypto mining in China, they have shifted relatively quickly to Myanmar and Kazakhstan. And they are actually based in Hong Kong, so they might have a little more leeway as compared to the other mining companies in China. However it is interesting that they have shifted some of their operations to Myanmar as it is not the most stable of places right now. Nevertheless everything seems to be running fine on their side.

The website interface can be a bit clunky and not very intuitive. But come on, all you need to see is the hashrate you have purchased and the amount of cryptocurrency you are getting in return right? They offer mining for BTC, ETH, ZCASH, DCR, DASH & LTC. Not really that much of a variety and it seems that they do not have DOGE support either. Kind of strange though. Seems that it is a waste to mine LTC and not DOGE at the same time. And please note that they have a minimum payout amount, so please be sure you will hit at least the minimum payout before you invest. And with prices dropping significantly these few weeks, you will have to wait for a while because you can withdraw those coins. So I would recommend you only to invest into such mining facilities if you are willing to wait for some time. Of course it depends on the amount of hashrate you purchase. And note that their contracts are 2 years! And I surely hope that I am able to withdraw after the contract is over. Who knows, I might even make some profit out of it. But honestly I am not that optimistic.

The main reason why I am slightly more confident (and I really mean just slightly) about Hashshiny is due to the fact that they have allowed users to now support liquidity pools. So basically they will help you place your recently mined cryptocurrencies into various liquidity pools to earn the most returns. So at least your crypto will not be sitting idly while they slowly mine for you. But if you ask me, it might be a better idea to just withdraw them out and put them into pools yourself. But that is just me. It is very convenient though. And you don’t need to worry about gas fees when transferring to other yield farming platforms or pools.

And if you are asking me whether I would recommend Hashshiny to park your funds or even your cryptocurrencies? Well, I will get back to you in a few more months. At the moment, I would say maybe you should stay away, especially considering there are a lot of negative comments about withdrawals and poor returns on the Internet about Hashshiny. As for me, I take it as a learning experience. I didn’t really put much money into this anyway.

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