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Not too sure whether you guys have heard but it seems that Microsoft will be launching Windows 11 very soon. I know that they did mention before that there won’t be any more versions of Windows after Windows 10 but I guess they realize that if they don’t release new stuff, people get bored and will start shifting away to other Operating Systems. And if you ask me, I think Windows 10 is a great OS. Even comparable to Windows 7. Now that is an OS I have used for over 7 years and actually only recently switched to Windows 10 on one of my work computers. Not kidding. It is such a stable platform.

Anyway with the recent previews of Windows 11, looks like it will be launched this coming “holidays” – so I am guessing in December of this year (2021). And if I am not wrong, it will be a “free” upgrade from Windows 10. So lets say if you have a working copy of Windows 7, you can technically upgrade it from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and then to Windows 11. I love you Microsoft. But do note that there are a few technical issues you need to worry about, like the kind of specification requirements needed to install Windows 11. From what I read, seems like you need TPM2.0 and Secure Boot. So your old system which comes with Windows 7 might not be able to support Windows 11 anyways.

As much as I am excited about new technology, I am a bit skeptic about Microsoft product line launches and for my work, I will usually wait till it has matured for a while before using it. Anyone remembered Windows 8? That is one of the worst OS I have ever used. And what about Windows Vista? That silly setup took over half an hour to install my blackberry software! I remembered looking at the installer loading screen not moving one bit during that horrible exercise. Of course that will not stop me from using it for gaming or at home. But for work, it is strictly the most stable version for me please!

If you want to know more about Windows 11, Linus Tech has video on it. I have linked it above. But basically it is a fresh interface change, is supposed to be more user friendly, better multiple monitor support and have some interesting benefits for gaming. I do game, so yes this will be very useful for me. But other than that, I honestly don’t think it is anything to be shouting out for. Even most reviews out there seems to be a bit disappointed with Windows 11. Especially considering that Windows 10 has been working very well for most users. Why change when everything works fine? Admittedly, all the eye candy in Windows 11 makes me kind of eager to try out the new OS though. I do love me some eye candy. Who doesn’t? And from what I heard, there will be some performance improvements as well. If things run faster and smoother, it is a yes in my book.

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