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One has to admit, Youtube is a great resource for anything crypto. I mean if you want to learn how to yield farm, there are tons of Youtube guides to show you exactly how to do it. If you want to learn how to get onto the Polygon network, there are tons of guides there as well. It is just such an amazing resource that most of the time I will simply just visit Youtube if I want to just learn more about crypto. However it is also important to understand that Youtube has lots of FOMO and FUD videos as well. And I mean a lot. Possibly more than half of the crypto channels are all into this FUD and FOMO. And how about those clickbaits? Guess everyone has an agenda eh?

Anyway I had taken the liberty of listing down some of my favourite Youtube channels for crypto “stuff”. Hopefully none of them have too much FUD or FOMO in them. I know that it is inevitable some form of FUD or FOMO will be present but these are probably the better ones I have seen. And as always readers should be careful when taking any sort of advise from Youtubers or even bloggers like me. Do your own research!

One of my favourite Crypto channels is Coin Bureau. The main reason why I like this channel is because it is not only informational, it is entertaining as well. There is very little FUD or FOMO in their videos and everything is rather straight to the point. I really appreciate videos that don’t dilly dally around just to add to the length of their videos. I normally switch to another video if I happen to come across such videos. Pisses me off. If you like informational videos, then I think you will definitely appreciate Coin Bureau offerings. They have weekly news, reviews on different cryptocurrencies, the technology behind such cryptos, how to invest properly and much more.

Jason Pizzino. Yes he is one of the “lesser” known crypto Youtubers but I feel that his videos are always very informational. And his views are more or less fair or at least fairer than more other Youtube channels out there. Furthermore, his insights into the crypto world is rather refreshing as well. Not to mention his knowledge about the crypto markets. Admittedly he has way less fluff and the video layout and design can be rather monotonous but if you want fluff and grand sweeping statements, can always go for Crypt Banter right? So if you want to learn more about crypto and how it truly works, his channel is the place to go. His videos includes market technical analysis as well. Plus he always look like someone has just bullied him a little too much.

Finematics. This is one fine channel if you just want to learn the technology behind the various cryptocurrencies and other projects in the crypto world. I mean this just gets straight to the point. No other nonsense or trying to get you to buy a certain coin or invest into a certain project. Their videos immediately start by “showing” you how the technology works with diagrams and charts, making it easy for common folk like us to understand. And I learnt a lot from this channel. If you are just interested in the tech behind all these crypto projects, this is the channel for you. It is kind of sad that they do not have the amount of subscribers like some other clickbait Youtube channels out there. So don’t go into crypto investing blind. This channel is highly recommended. I hope that you guys will support them.

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