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Upland! Quick playthrough

Have you heard of the game Upland [referral link included]? I just started this the game – looks pretty okay for a “Crypto” game. Especially since it comes with a Llama. It has been online since January 2020 so its community should be pretty decent in size. What basically you need to do is to explore the virtual cities available, buy virtual properties and then either resell them or to earn income from holding those properties. And these virtual properties are tagged to real world properties. A bit like real life vagabonds with some cash and a real estate fetish!

And what you are betting on is that the Upland [referral link included] game will increase in popularity and hence the prices of the virtual properties in the game will also increase. That actually makes perfect sense! Property investment yo!

So you will need to sign up for an account and after that you will be thrown into the game. In the beginning, a “cheap” property will be given to you. This is called the FSA or Fair Start Act where newbies like us are able to purchase properties at a reasonable price. There are players with over excess of a million UPX in the game, so these players will price us out if there is no such feature in the game. And now you main mission in the game is to go exploring and hunting for these FSA properties. These can be denoted by “FSA” but you will need to be “nearby” in order to purchase these properties. So after getting your first property, go ahead and let your explorer (aka you) go and discover new areas.

Once you spot an FSA property or even if casually browsing the city map, you can move your explorer nearby by using the Send command on a property nearby. And go snap it up! The main goal of this game is to get as much properties as you can and hoping for the price to go up.

The green properties in the city map are properties up for sale. Click on them to see what are the prices being asked for them. For the light blue ones, they are properties owned by other players. You can actually do an offer as well. Those properties in deep(er) blue are those owned by you. The currency in this game is UPX. If you want, you can purchase UPX directly from the developers. There is however also a developer fee. That is how the developers make money to help further develop the game.

The next step you should consider is to complete “collections“. These give players extra earning boost (rates) and some UPX rewards as well. Some are pretty easy to complete so make sure you make use of them. Yes this game takes time and you most likely won’t having like a thousand properties in a few hours. After playing for a like 2 weeks, I only managed to get like 10 properties and this is after I spent USD 50 to purchase UPX on this game. You will need to login everyday to collect the daily rewards as well. For me, it is not an issue to login daily to collect the daily rewards as I spend a lot of my time online anyway.

The coolest thing about this game is that when you purchase an FSA property, you are actually “minting” a Non Fungible Token (NFT) on the EOS blockchain! As these virtual properties have never been owned and once minted it will provide the minted date and proof of ownership via the EOS blockchain. Isn’t that cool? You are supposed to be able to show proof of ownership (via EOS ID) in the EOS blockchain explorer. Of course if you buy properties from other players, you should be able to see the actual transaction with proof of transfer as well. NFT in an actual game! Yes technology is so very fun!

Well lets to hoping that one day Upland will make it big and we can all enjoy the profits of flipping properties, just like in real life. And is there a way for the price of virtual properties to completely tank in a virtual world? Maybe players need to cash out their properties due to some virtual disaster or something? No idea. They have an option to play in fiat money (USD) as well. But lets have some fun while we are at it. It is only a game anyway. Use my referral link if you want to.

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