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Update: 06-Jun-2021

Some of you guys might be interested in what I am holding in my Crypto portfolio. Do check the date above as my portfolio will change often. It is an ever changing market and prices and potential outlook will of course change with it. I am always very conservative and will never put a large chunk of my investments into unknown coins hoping to make it big and I would advise everyone not to do that as well. I also tend to spread my investments around to avoid being completely burnt in this volatile market.

Oh I am not a financial advisor and the information I provide here are just for educational purposes. Do not Never buy any investment products based on my recommendations and always do your own research.

ADA: Bought some after purchasing BTC. I hold a good amount of ADA in my portfolio and they are all staked. Cardano projects are looking promising even though many are yet to be launched on the platform. I think ADA has a lot of potential to grown. The prices have gone through the roof since I bought into ADA. At its peak in May 2021, it was at around USD 2.42. Even though it has dropped due to the recent crash, it is still way higher when I first purchased the coin. However I am holding it for the long term. If you are looking to adding this token into your portfolio, I would also suggest you to take it as a long term investment instead of pumping and dumping. By the way, the Alonzo testnet is coming soon. This means smart-contracts on Cardano!

XRP: Another promising candidate for long term investment. Just by looking at its ecosystem and the number of projects they have onboard, this will be a very good investment. However their prices are way undervalued recently. This could be due to the recent bad news coming out of the SEC case vs Ripple. But we are all hoping that the case will be settled soon and Ripple can go back into getting their projects up and running. Again, this should be viewed as a long term investment. Sadly I did buy a portion of my ADA when the price was high. Even though my overall XRP investments are still in the green, it is still a bit disappointing. The highest it ever went was USD 1.71. However things are surely looking up for Ripple and XRP.

EOS: <Update 06-Jun-2021> Looks like EOS is still not doing well. Even with the current rise of their cryptocurrencies, EOS is still not able to breakout. </Update>They do have quite a lot of projects onboard and hopefully they will continue to grow. But I am in the belief that EOS will soon be overtaken by other Crypto projects. Sure they do seem to have some pretty deep pockets but money alone sometimes will not solve everything. The EOS community is also not that engaged. Their prices did rise significantly recently after announced they will launch a new cryptocurrency exchange but it fell back down after the China ban announcement. It really doesn’t look too good if they are not able to hold on to the value despite the monetary support they have. They also lost a few projects recently. One of which was a major partner and that got me a bit worried. Unless there are more positive news, I will be selling my EOS token soon.

VET: This is a very recent purchase for me. The main reason that attracted me to Vechain is the sheer number of projects they have in the pipeline. With that many projects, their token VET will definitely be in high demand. And with the recent price drop, I think VET is severely undervalued. I will be keeping this in my portfolio in the near future. If you are looking into going into altcoins, VET should be a safe bet. Short of a Crypto winter scenario, I really doubt that there will be anything to stop the rise of VET. At the moment, the price of VET is pretty low. I might be stocking up on more if the price still remain at this level.

CAKE: Also a very recent purchase for me. I am keen to get into all these SWAPS tokens as I strongly believe decentralized exchanges are the future of Crypto trading. As to whether I will keep on holding onto the CAKE tokens depends on whether Ethereum gas fees will remain that high. So long as the gas fees of Ethereum is high, PANCAKE Swap will remain very attractive to smaller traders as an decentralized exchange compared to one like UNISWAP. Who wants to pay 500 dollars worth of gas fees to swap like 500 dollars worth of tokens? However with Ethereum 2.0 and UNISWAP V3’s Optimism coming to a theater near you with its reduced gas fees, all could change. Let’s see. I am currently staking half of my CAKE tokens. <Update: 06-Jun-2021>Sold my non-staked CAKE tokens and went into LP for SHIBA/USDT pair. Wish me luck.</Update>

I am also looking at DOT (Polkdot) and XLM (Stella) to add into my portfolio at a later date. Maybe even Theta as well.

You all might be wondering what happened to my BTC coins? At the moment, I am not holding any significant amounts of BTC. When I started crypto trading, I got burnt with BTC (damn market manipulators!) and that left a pretty bad scar and experience for me. I might get back investing into Bitcoin at a later date but definitely not now. I also hold small amounts of Monero & Ravencoin from mining. Yes, my portfolio is rather boring I know. But as a small time investor, being boring is good.

And if you are looking for a step by step guide on how to start trading on Binance, please take a look here.

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